Nicoletta Marrone CEO Brown Spirits

We are Brown Spirits

A modern distillery whose foundations are rooted in the tradition of a craft that is as ancient as it is mysterious and little known.
After years of desires, we decided to take the leap and bring to life what was only an idea. We have invested over a year in research, design and study.
Our goal is to create innovative and high quality Spirits and Brandies, which can evoke memories and leave a mark on those who taste them.

brown spirits botti

A long story

It was 2018 when Dr. Nicoletta Marrone who, the fourth generation of a family of distillers, decides to honor a precious family treasure: to make known the wine brandy produced by her family, and kept since 1969 in precious small barrels in a castle in Ascoli Piceno.A young Company, which draws strength from the experience and the wealth of family knowledge of the company born with Cavalier Francesco Palma, Nicoletta’s great-grandfather, producer of spirits since 1920 and which challenges the rebirth of high-end Italian brandy .

All Brown Spirits products are made from the finest Brandy with over 50 years of élévage.
Special numbered barrels are also intended for exclusive limited edition productions dedicated to particular celebratory moments.

The company’s ultimate intent is to restore dignity and value to Italian excellence, which deserves attention and appreciation equal to those destined for Cognac and Armagnac.

A contemporary history, which keeps its memory

Everything was born from the awareness of the value and preciousness of small barrels and their very rare brandy, 50 years old. The intent, however, was not only to create a fine bottle, but also to reaffirm the prestige of this all-Italian product, also assigning it to alternative uses.

We have therefore identified two paths to be pursued with dedication and care: to propose a 100-year high quality Brand (Y) New and being specialists in the production of brandy, work on the creation of classic products such as Amari, Limoncello and Arancello with completely innovative methods compared to tradition.

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History timeline

brandy producer 1900
Cav. Francesco Palma, Nicoletta Marrone's great-grandfather, was a producer of spirits recognized and appreciated by the main international companies.
Botti Cav. Francesco Palma produttore di distillat
The distillation of Brandy and its conservation in Slavonian oak barrels in the dungeons of a castle in Ascoli Piceno, to preserve its particular value.
Nicoletta Marrone
Brown Spirits was born from the desire of Nicoletta Marrone to enhance her treasure, jealously guarded for over 50 years, with a completely contemporary project.gelosamente custodito per oltre 50 anni.