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It was 2018 when Dr. Nicoletta Marrone who, the fourth generation of a family of distillers, decides to honor a precious family treasure: to make known the wine brandy produced by her family, and kept since 1969 in precious small barrels in a castle in Ascoli Piceno.

A contemporary history, which keeps its memory Nicoletta Marrone

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The wine brandy is a highly prized distillate and becomes Brandy if it is raised for a certain time in wooden barrels.

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Brown Spirits Distillates and Liqueurs are appreciated by internationally renowned mixologists and elaborated in exclusive signature cocktails with an unmistakable expressive force. With Brown Spirits, the Italian Brandy, a must for the national after-dinner, returns strongly contemporary, thanks to new consumption experiences and recipes of fine liqueurs.


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from the experience and the wealth of family knowledge of the company born with Cavalier Francesco Palma, Nicoletta’s great-grandfather, producer of spirits since 1920