Blend made from an aquavit elevated for 50 years and extracts of Mediterranean herbs, including the savory aphrodisiac.

70cl e | 35% Vol. | -15°C


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Satyro 50aged is a unique Amaro, obtained from an ancient recipe by infusing herbs and officinal plants in pure aquavit 50 years old in oak barrels. The softness of the brandy distilled in 1969 is balanced by the bitterness of cinchona and nutmeg, the balsamic aroma is given by anise, bay leaf and mountain fennel. The aromatic core is characterized by savory (lat. Satureja, gr. Sàtyros, it. Satyr), a herb dear to the ancients and used in rituals for its corroborating and aphrodisiac properties.

Amaro Satyro is produced from the infusion of over 25 herbs and roots in alcohol and brandy distilled in 1969. The main characteristics are due to cinchona, rhubarb, gentian (bitter taste), nutmeg (sweet and spicy notes, tropical), anise (sweet notes), laurel and wormwood. The aromatic core is characterized by savory, known in ancient times as “satyr’s herb”.