BRAND(Y)NEW is also elaborated in the BRAND(Y)NEW Orange version, more mellow and sweeter thanks to the aromatic notes conferred by the Sicilian red orange peel infused in brandy for over 90 days.

70cl e – 25% Vol.


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The BRAND(Y)NEW ORANGE is produced following an ancient recipe jealously guarded by the company that provides for the infusion for over 90 days of the peel of Sicilian red orange PGI in a rare and precious Brandy, raised by Brown Spirits since 1969 .
The color is amber yellow, very bright and the aroma is characterized by notes of citrus peel that blend with the enveloping and persuasive notes of brandy.

Liqueur obtained from the infusion of Sicilian blood orange peels in BRAND(Y)NEW for over 90 days. Sicilian blood oranges are grown in the provinces of Syracuse, Catania and Enna, in the central eastern part of the island. A territory, dominated by Etna, in which there are peculiar climatic conditions that favor the particular pigmentation and an inimitable taste, different from any other orange.